Who We Are
Ann Wright  John Decker  Chris Hardee
Good creatives are never organized. Ann is very well organized, and is fond of whipping us all into shape. She’s also a tactful critic, except when it comes to the misuse of commas. Educated at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, Ann is a fifth generation Vermonter, and may be related to Ethan Allen. Or Molly Stark. She worked for the CIA in Washington, and we too would like to know what she did there. Ann types a zillion words per minute, takes shorthand and is our copy editor, so if you find any grammatical mistakes in our work, you should know that she can take apart and put back together an M4 rifle in 30 seconds in the dark. In the shower. She also keeps track of budgets and is our production manager. And yes, she likes to take long walks on the beach.