Who We Are
Michael Havey  John Decker  Chris Hardee
As our lead art director, Michael spends his time making beauty out of chaos. He received his degree in art history from Colby College and did graduate work in graphics and printmaking at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) and University of Hartford Art School. He cut his teeth as an art director at several advertising agencies in the Hartford area, including Smith Dorian & Berman, Wilson Haight & Welch and Mintz & Hoke before switching to publication design. He created the design and art directed Solar Age, a national energy conservation magazine. Preferring daily rather than monthly deadlines, he started his own ad firm in New Hampshire, Church & Main. By the time he sold his shares it had grown to a staff of twelve and billings of several million dollars annually. Michael’s ability to create and manage complex marketing and communication programs brings depth to Yasvin, when he’s not out taking pictures.