Who We Are
Chris Hardee  John Decker  Michael Havey
Chris is one of those rare birds who can think, write and manage all at the same time. He has a biology degree from Brown University,where he was awarded Sigma Xi status for excellence in scientific investigation and research, and a graduate degree in environmental studies from Antioch University Graduate School (that explains why there’s all that green in his picture). Chris has held marketing management positions in technical and engineering settings where he managed and edited a 50-page magazine with a worldwide circulation of 90,000. He also developed and wrote collateral of all kinds, led website and application design and launch teams, and built a successful PR program. Prior to that he founded and directed a communications company that created multimedia, film, video, and audio productions for educational and museum clients nationwide—including the Smithsonian Institutions and the Truman Presidential Library. He has also produced documentary, dramatic, and news pieces for public radio.